Tips From Stock Market Experts On Managing Your Investment Portfolio During Current Volatility!


Stock markets are always very volatile and its nature keeps on changing from time to time. What is important is how you manage your investment portfolio in the stock market, it might be the domestic stock market or foreign exchange market aka forex market. Thus it is very important to know how to manage your investments in forex market because stock markets are always volatile in nature. Here are some tips which will help you understand how to manage your investments in forex market during volatile stock market conditions. But before understanding how to manage your investment portfolio during current volatility let us understand what is meant by stock market volatility.

Volatility is meant by change in the forex market by more than one percent and there is uncertainty of results i.e., when there is rise or fall in the forex market by more than a percent which causes uncertainty of the gains. But volatility can be measured using the statistical measures such as dispersion, standard deviation or variance. Volatility is indicated by VIX – Volatility Index which was developed by the Chicago Board Options Exchange as a measure to avoid the circumstances of volatility 30 days prior. It is a very effective statistical measure to predict the underlying bets made by the investors in a forex market. Now let us focus on how to manage the investments in the forex market during volatile conditions.

Rises And Downfalls Are Consistent Of A Forex Market

It is the underlying nature of a forex market to experience rises and falls in the course of time. Gains might not be consistent but change in the nature of the forex market is the only consistent. But, it does not mean that there is no possibility of gains. There is always a possibility of gains though risks have to be taken for it and losses are also a possibility of it. But having a clear perspective of the forex market is very important for turning the volatile nature into an opportunity and gaining out of it. One needs to observe the forex market and have a good perspective of the forex market.

Comfort Level With Your Investments Is Very Important

One should be comfortable with the investments made in the forex market and wear it like a skin. If you do not have a heart for risks, it is better to not invest in the forex market. Forex market is all about challenges and taking risks, thus one should have the capacity to take risks, invest and be comfortable with it. If waiting and watching the short term ups and downs are to nerve racking for you, it is advisable to go and re-evaluate your options and go for a safer option with less fluctuations. But in a forex market fluctuations are always there but investments with less fluctuations are always also an option.

Entry And Exit Is Not A Viable Option

Consistently moving in and out of the forex market is riskier than waiting out the fluctuations. Moving in during good times and moving out during bad times will be costlier for you and will make your investment portfolio look bad. If you can hold out the bad days and invest during good ones it will not only be profitable but also make your investment portfolio look good in terms of risk taking, credit and gains. But is also very important to react in a forex market, mere buying and observing is not a good option. Thus it is very important to react during good days if you are holding out during bad days. Missing good investments might also make your investment portfolio look bad.

Consistent Investing and Taking Advantages of the Opportunities

Regular investing won’t hurt you during the times of downfall when you hold out and wait for the downfall to pass. Instead of waiting for good times and going with a disciplined approach i.e., going with consistent investment such as weekly, monthly or quarterly will give you better results and better gains. It will also make your investment portfolio look good. You need to understand the forex market in order to take advantage of the underlying opportunities. When prices fall it might turn into gains in near future. Thus observing then investing and taking full advantage of the opportunities is important. Bottom line is that taking risks can be profitable.

One can always go own his own in a forex market but it would not hurt to take any professional help. One can take professional help in the initial stages and the can go own his own once you get the hang of it. But taking risk at least during good times is important to make sure your investment portfolio looks good. The rest depends upon individual to individual with different perspectives and capacities for a forex market.


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